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Ayato kirishima x shy reader
(Ayato Kirishima x Reader Lemons) 18+
"Drawing" - Ayato Kirishima X Reader One Shot. "
I won't say it { Ayato Kirishima x Reader } by Canadian-girl17
「Anime x Reader One Shots」
Delete Browsing History - Ayato Kirishima x Reader
Ayato Kirishima x Reader One Shots
Bitter ~ Ayato Kirishima x Reader
Ayato Kirishima x Reader (Lemon/Smut)
Ayato Kirishima X Reader ~ Oneshots
Tokyo Ghoul ::: One Shots
Ayato kirishima x reader
Masks (Ayato Kirishima x Reader)
Kirishima Ayato x Reader} by Kawaii--Kiddo
Anime Male Characters X Male Reader - Seme Male Reader x Ayato Kirishima | Lime - Wattpad
Ayato x Reader | Tokyo Ghoul by VanillaMetal
Ayato Kirishima (ONE SHOTS) {lëmøñs} ♥
#one #reader #shots #yandere. "
Tokyo Ghoul :: One Shots ||
Anime One-Shots and Imagines
Depression (Ayato Kirishima x Reader) (HEAVY EDITING)
Anime One-shots (REQUESTS CLOSED) - Loving Smile (Eijirou Kirishima x Reader) - Wattpad
Male X Female!Reader OneShots!~ {REQUESTS OPEN}
I will take requests, you can pick the situation and actions of the reader. I do NOT own any of the Anime characters (all credit to original makers). Look.
I love you too, Ayato(Ayato Kirishima x reader)
Taken| Ayato Kirishima X OC
Different [Ayato Kirishima x Human!Reader]
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Mature Content
Pinned Together (1) [Ayato Kirishima x Reader] by ricefiend on DeviantArt
Juuzou X Reader One shots :3
Reader x Ayato - The Many Uses of Scarves (TG) by Mythiica
"Drawing" - Ayato Kirishima X Reader One Shot - TheBlackSunlight - Wattpad
Tokyo Ghoul: One•Shot [REQUEST CLOSED] - Kirishima Ayato X Reader LEMON (Requested) - Wattpad
Differences and Similarities. Ayato Kirishima x Reader x Kaneki Ken
Ayato Kirishima x Reader Oneshoot
Ayato Kirishima x Reader by IllusionistFisher
Call to Arms||Military!Ayato x Military!Reader||AU by Marwissa on DeviantArt
My Hero Academia x Reader - Shouto Todoroki x Shy! Reader - Company - Wattpad
》Upon The Lake Of Time 《 {Ayato Krishima X Reader}
Ayato Kirishima x Reader|| Love Bites by potato_mustache
[Ayato x Male!Reader]
Kaneki X reader X ayato
Kaneki x reader x Ayato (lemon)
「Ayato x Reader」
Tokyo Ghoul x Reader
From The Dark (TG Ayato Kirishima x Reader)
Truly, Deeply, Madly || Yandere One Shots
Once loved (Kirishima Ayato X reader)
Ayato Kirishima, My Hero Academia,
Unravel |Ayato Kirishima Tokyo Ghoul:re|
by Words-Of-Fate
Kirishima Ayato/Киришима Аято, Kaneki Ken, сузуя Джузо
I Hate You I Love You (Ayato X Reader)
Fallen Angel✓| Ayato Kirishima X Reader BOOK 1
(Ayato Kirishima)
Hey~ can i get a scenario with tatara, ayato and.
Kaneki Ken x Male!Reader ~ Bookstore Dates by TheOddReader
#anime #arima #ayato #fanfiction #ghoul #juuzou #kaneki #kanekixreader #love #nishiki #oneshot #romance #suzuya #tokyo #tokyoghoul #tokyoghoulxreader ...
Ayato Kirishima "Black Rabbit"/ Tokyo Ghoul Ayato Kirishima, Dark Anime, Madoka
#ayato #ayatokirishima #ghoul #kirishima #tokyo #tokyoghoul
Just A Bunch of One-Shots!
Nishio nishiki,Touka and Ayato Kirishima | Tokyo Ghoul
The Fox & The Rabbit ( Ayato Kirishima X Reader ) [ON HOLD/PAUSE]
#anime #ayato #ayatokirsishima #ghoul #ghouls #kagune #kakuja #kaneki #kanekiken #kenkaneki #nishiki #nishikinishio #nishio #romance #tatara #tokyoghoul ...
Kaneki, Photo Manga, Manga Anime, Anime Art, Ayato Kirishima, Hinami Tokyo
Owari no Seraph (Various x Reader)
Black Rabbit's Love (Ayato Kirishima X Reader Lemon)
"Drawing" - Ayato Kirishima X Reader One Shot - TheBlackSunlight - Wattpad
Kirishima Ayato | Tokyo Ghoul
#ayato #ayatokirishima #ghoul #kirishima #tokyo #tokyoghoul
Tokyo Ghoul Oneshots - DISCONTINUED - Jealousy || Ayato Kirishima X Reader Fluff || - Wattpad
Touka & Ayato #Kirishima
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"I hate that girl." "You've said that already." "I'll say it again. I hate that girl." Ayato grumbled to himself, before stuffing his hands into his pocket.
... #yaoi. ▷
Ayato kirishima x reader || oneshots sequel.
ayato kirishima x reader [1] "Would you believe me if I said I hated it here?" Warning; slight sexual themes. "Oi." Ayato calls over. He walks towards me, ...
Tokyo Ghoul ::: One Shots - Colorful Vocabulary ::: Soulmate!Au ::: Ayato Kirishima X Reader - Wattpad
friends with benefits|ayato by sassoris
ปักพินโดย Nasareeyah Chesani ใน boy ในปี 2018 | Pinterest | Anime Tokyo ghoul และ Ayato kirishima
Tokyo Ghoul X Readers
(Ayato Kirishima x Reader Lemons) 18+ - VirtualParasite - Wattpad
I cannot live with you, nor without you (Hide x Reader x Ayato)
Ayato Kirishima Tokyo Ghoul
Kaneki x OC x Ayato Love Triangle||| The Reaper
Reader Oneshots
Save My Soul (Ayato Kirishima/OC) HIATUS
Fake That Smile (Ayato Kirishima x Reader)
Anime x Reader LEMON & Oneshoot