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Red Sharp boombox
Sears SR 2198 (SR 2100 series)
I have been watching instrutables for a while and also YouTube videos and forums. this is from where all my ideas came from. to make this little boombox i ...
100_4727.JPG .
Did you have one? Do you remember which one? Would love to see more added to the thread.
Sanyo boombox M-X315L
Recording Session This Evening.................. | Stereo2Go forums
The one pictured is I believe is the newer of the two and is also different in color. It also has some different features than the older one which appears ...
Ancient JVC boombox takes on modern wireless speakers | Steve Hoffman Music Forums
Why would anyone post about an iPos dock in this forum? It's not just a dock. It has a SD/SDHC card slot and usb socket so it's also an ...
To view this case mod, go here.
Conion C-100F Ghettoblaster Boombox-conion-003.jpg
Boombox that plays mp3s?
GE Boombox
IMG_3569 Sears Model 20207 Aux Line-in top angle.JPG
I have been looking for one of these for a while and realized I never asked on the board before. I am sure this is just a sticker over the top of ...
Basically it's on your shoulder.
boomcase speaker case | Boombox/case build finished!! - Speakerplans.com Forums - Page 1
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I created a Utility BoomBox ! | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums
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[ IMG]
If anyone wants me to explain what I had to do to achieve this, please ask and I'll be happy to go into more detail, although stupidly I didn't photograph ...
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... Sanyo MR-V8 and Boombox Calendar 2019.jpg
Boombox: Building a Better Stereo Boom Bonnet
I own two of these, and have heard all three... Can't go wrong with either.
Boomboxes [Archive] - Videokarma.org TV - Video - Vintage Television & Radio Forums
What we imagined it would be like
JBL - Boombox Portable Bluetooth Speaker - Black - Front_Zoom. 1 of 12 Images &
What's the perfect tape for recording in a boombox?
Brooklyn Ghetto Bluster Boombox
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Thoughts on these Sony Boomboxes?
Anyone do a DIY boombox?-image.jpg
Click image for larger version Name: YNKForq.jpg Views: 594 Size: 256.7 ...
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... then stuff the inside with cotton wool for a better sound (but not too close to bass-reflex). Attach a battery to the box and the boombox is ready.
Magnavox D8443 full front view
JVC RC 550 el diablo
JVC Silver Kaboom Boombox With iPod Dock 254.00 abt.com
Boomy The Boombox
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My brother-in-law saw my last project and asked if I could put a boombox together for him. I found a design on the Parts-Express forums called the 'Riese' ...
JBL's next boombox is waterproof and has 24 hours of battery life
2 years, 3 months ago 0
I essentially need these to finish my project but I don't trust my woodworking skills. I also need the plastic cover, I already have new decals ready for ...
Now I have found this newspaper ad: Apr. 7, 1984 Times-News Scroll down and left a bit and you'll see this:
Simmons572 has been showing off his PC-TU100 mod on the OCN forums and we
Big box, big sound: the Boombox uses two front-firing 20 mm tweeters, two four-inch woofers, and a four-inch passive radiator on each side.
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To view this case mod, go here.
FM radio on the red Philips Cube Compo.
The "Boom Box" Thread
For Lovers of Vintage Boomboxes
Ghetto Blaster Score! 1980 Panasonic RX-7000
I like this one.
Enclosed trailor radio - Moto-Related - Motocross Forums / Message Boards - Vital MX
The carrying handle doubles as a tilt stand.
JBL's new Boombox is your new best party trick
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If anyone wants me to explain what I had to do to achieve this, please ask and I'll be happy to go into more detail, although stupidly I didn't photograph ...
... Click image for larger version Name: 6YB6BeL.jpg Views: 541 Size: 216.0. '
The Chop Shop Podcast Vol.19 mixed by Johnny Doobs - Peoples Republic Of Cork Discussion Forums
[ IMG]
Need to buy this Ipod Dock (Boombox) from khi
It is a 2.1 amp, maybe a downward firing sub?? Drivers:there seem to be a lot to chose from. Kind of leaning to 6"ers. Maybe Silver Flutes? I need advice.
image.jpg ...
Sony Double-Walkman - Tapeheads Tape, Audio and Music Forums Boombox, Sony,
Boomy Pi Airplay Boombox