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Modern bronze jewelry franklin tn
$46.00 Tiny Babylon Necklace
Modern Bronze Jewelry
$64.00 Babylon Necklace with Chrome Diopside Gemstone
$58.00 Mini Heart Medallion with Ruby
festival_app_jewelry_quad2.jpg. festival_app_jewelry_quad2.jpg. Handmade in Franklin, TN, Modern Bronze jewelry ...
$92.00 Clover Y Necklace with Alexandrite
$46.00 Tiny Scarab Necklace
$54.00 Mini Heart Medallion
$48.00 Mini Clover Hoop Earrings
$72.00 Orbit Hoop Earrings with Pale Grey Moonstone
$142.00 "Be Still"™ Cross Necklace in Gold Vermeil and Aquamarine
Modern Bronze jewelry is beautiful, romantic and modern at once. Image courtesy Modern Bronze
$92.00 Memento Earrings in ruby and garnet
$72.00 Coin and Hoop Earrings
Liz Anderson & Sarah Knox. Modern Bronze is artisan jewelry handmade in Franklin, TN ...
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Twin sisters Sarah Known and Liz Anderson own and run Modern Bronze, an artisan jewelry line made in the Franklin, Tennessee.
Simon & Ruby
Carden Avenue
$76.00 Original "Be Still"™ two-piece Cross Necklace in Gold and black
... of Nashville," Kari Beth is a jewelry designer creates wearable art pieces by layering found heirlooms of bygone eras to create a bold modern statement.
Angelica Spiritual Bangle by Angelica
Walton's Jewelry: Victorian Era gold link chain
Fearless Memories
OMI Beads
Local artist Natalie Bin designs and creates NCB Jewelry in her Nashville studio. Inspired by her grandmother's jewelry collection at a young age, ...
Love love love my crescent moon necklace from @modernbronze !!!! 🌙🌛
Sterling Silver Double Layered Cushion Square Stud Earrings Distressed Rock Texture Nature Jewelry
Pink Elephants
Art of Nashville
Shop by Gemstone
Franklin Hot Dog Cart
Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014
Franklin Burger Company
Sterling Silver Oval Dendritic Agate 18 Karat Bezel Ring Scenic Stone Tree Gemstone
Fused Lichen Sterling Silver 18 Karat Gold Lemon Quartz Drop Post Earrings Recycled Eco Jewelry
Rose Cut White Stormy Gray Sapphire Fused Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Statement Ring Botanical Jewelry
Vincent Peach
Olive & Sinclair
CB Johnson Mid Century Modern Bronze Sculpture c.1950s For Sale
Sterling Silver Fused 18 Karat Gold Rectangle Cushion Shape Brown Diamond Cognac Champagne Recycled Metal Post Stud Earrings
Sterling Silver Dendritic Agate Scenic Stone Ring Stackable Nature Jewelry
Brunners Metalwear
Sarah, you recently became a mother. How has that impacted your work?
18 Karat Gold Sterling Silver Tear Drop Dendritic Agate Luxe Stacking Ring Nature Ring
Wedding Set 14 Karat Rose Gold Hammered White Gold Round Moissanite Solitaire Modern Bezel Set Contemporary Jewelry
Dangle Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold Raining Chain Fused Gold Eco Friendly Earrings
Sterling Silver Tiny Diamond Studs
Five jewelry stores SB Nov 2014
P I N pregnant mom smiling at her belly
What do you do to find new inspiration for designs?
Walton's Jewelry: Collection of Antique Rings from Walton's
Disc & Tag Personalized Birthstone Necklace in Bronze.
Liz and Sarah at the Main Street Festival, Franklin, TN, 2014
Kantha Chandeliers Earrings
Local, handmade jewelry | Nashville
Walton's Jewelry: Art Deco diamond necklace
Local, handmade jewelry | Nashville
Mint Julep Salon
Franklin, TN Wedding from Brandon Chesbro + Mary Crimmins Event Design
Design inspired by Nature 🍃 #FinksJewelers #marcobicego #gold #inspiration #jewelry #
Mixed Metals “Collect Beautiful Moments” Trio of Rondelle Beads Necklace
Rose Gold Stainless Steel Oval Diffuser Necklace
Balancing Balls Tiny Sapphire Earrings 18 Karat Gold Blue Sapphire Elegant Modern Simple Dangle Dainty Wire Earrings
Local, handmade jewelry | Nashville
This ever-evolving boutique features the newest collections of apparel, footwear, artisan jewelry, handbags, ...
Balancing Balls Tiny Sapphire Earrings 18 Karat Gold Blue Sapphire Elegant Modern Simple Dangle Dainty Wire Earrings
... Lock & Key Rings ...
Personality Bead by Personality
Jewelry. abkrumholz_jewelry2. abkrumholz_jewelry3