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What caused the big freeze 1963
The Big Freeze 1963
The 'Big Freeze of 1963' caused the River Thames to freeze over with the cold snap lasting two months.
The sea at Whitstable in Kent which was frozen solid in places
13th January: The Lady Falls in Afon Pyrddin, Wales frozen solid
In January 1963 the sea froze at Penarth
The Big Freeze 1963
The Big Freeze 1963
The weight of snow and ice stretched the copper telephone wires until they reached the ground. East Dundry Lane, Somerset, January 1963
1963 freeze
The Big Freeze of 1963: One of the coldest winters on record
Cheltenham Racecourse on 28th February 1963, Getty, SL
The Big Freeze of 1963: Your Memories
14th January 1963 in Trafalgar Square, Getty, SL
Map of 2018 V 1963 ...
Created with Sketch. 1962: The year of the Big Freeze
Photographs of the Winter of 1963 - Britain's " Big Freeze".
Snow in Lancashire, January 1963
1962-1963: The Year of English Football's Big Freeze
A British union flag is seen outside of a house during snowfall in Bristol in southwest
Call the Midwife, BBC Pictures, SL
Birmingham City ground staff clearing snow from the pitch at St Andrews in January 1963
http://lancingvillage.co.uk/History/portslade/oldvillage/images/village-7.jpg. February 1963
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MEMORIES: How the Big Freeze of 1963 affected south Essex
The Big Freeze in Britain struck late 1962 and temperatures stayed below freezing permanently until March 1963 !
The River Thames in London Frozen Up Solid in the very Cold Winter of 1962- 1963 in England
The coldest winter on record was the winter of 1962-1963 it was also known as the Big Freeze of 1963. Temperatures plummeted and lakes and rivers began to ...
The Big Freeze (1963)
A shimmering wall of ice in the Brecon Beacons
Won't let a drop of snow get in the way! A milkman makes
The Great Freeze 1963 - Title
Frozen River Thames 1963.
Ice football on the Wensum in Norwich during January of 1963
A bus pulls up behind a mound of snow at Flint Hill, Dipton, Co
And yet for all of the difficulties, professor Carl Chinn, aged just six at the time, said people did their best to get on with life.
1963: Frozen Thames at Windsor
The effects of weather extremes on the railways of Britain past, present and future.
1963 freeze
Old windmill which once belonged to the writer Hilaire Belloc in 1963
Ice rink: A frozen in Thorverton near Exeter on February 8 1963 after overnight flooding
in 1987.
Stuck: Two motor boats frozen together on January 23, 1963, in the River
The Big Freeze - Winter 1962/1963
THE winter of saw a big freeze that was not only colder than anything in modern memory but also went on longer.
1962-1963: The Year of English Football's Big Freeze
PICTURES: Snow and ice in Dorset through the decades - the big freezes of 1963, 1978 and 1985
Image 23 for 'Winter of 1963' gallery
Winter 1962
Photography of a steam locomotive and snowplough pausing just south of Riccarton Junction in the Scottish
Great Yarmouth, UK ~ winter of 1963 Great Yarmouth, Back In The Day,
A man rides his bike through the snow across the Spa Bridge in Scarborough as snow
UK snow forecast: How the Snowstorm of 2018 looks EXACTLY like the coldest winter of 1963 | Weather | News | Express.co.uk
1947 snow
“Until you were 11 and at big school you wore short trousers to school. You would pull your socks up as far as you could so you only had a little bit ...
Kickabout: Highbury Stadium in London on March 21, 1963, when their FA Cup
02 - T&A Special - Big Freeze (1963)
Britain's worst winter
The recent BBC broadcast 'WinterWatch' showed an archive film on The Big Freeze of 1962/63 – I have followed/taken extracts from this footage .
1962 Winter Freeze: A frozen St.James's Park Lake
Big freeze - January 1987 - weather forecast presented by Ian McCaskill
The Big Freeze
Britain's Big Freeze
Winter of 1946–47 in the United Kingdom
'We didn't stop!' Leaflet published by the Western Region of British. '
Winter of 1962–63 in the United Kingdom
Caught in snow-drift in Templeogue, 29/12/1962 (Part of the Independent Newspapers Ireland/NLI Collection).
Great Britain Snowy.jpg
UK snow forecast: How the Snowstorm of 2018 looks EXACTLY like the coldest winter of 1963 | Weather | News | Express.co.uk
Snow in the Dublin area, 29/12/1962
Frozen River Thames 1963.
Today: Even the exceptionally heavy snow this week, pictured in Peterborough, cannot compare
1962 Winter Freeze: Frozen Lake
1962 Winter Freeze: Soccer - FA Cup - Third Round - Leyton Orient v Hull
A snow plough clears Mansfield Road in Daybrook, 1963
The 10 worst British winters ever
The frozen banks of the River Tyne at Ovingham in January 1963
Gazette: Directions - the big freeze of 1963.
In Dartmouth Park, in West Bromwich, people were able to ice skate on the frozen lake while the Lickey Hills were turned into a ski slope.
Winterwatch Special - The Big Freeze of 1963
Frozen River Thames 1963.
Snow in Bagpath, 1963
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A memory of snow, 1963
February 1963
See 1963 snow versus 2018 snow - how does this North East location look today? - Chronicle Live
In pictures: When were Britain's worst winters?
Severe Winters
1963 freeze
1962 Winter Freeze: Giant snowman measuring seventeen feet made by two girls at Aberdeen
Gazette: Happy - youngsters from south Essex enjoy the snow in 1963.
Gazette: Chaos - Richard Avenue in Brightlingsea in 1963 ; photo Lynn Ballard
Football fixtures were another casualty with games being postponed for weeks at a time.
"We just did what we always do - we kept going": Dublin Bus vs the coldest Irish winter since 1963